- Hand dyed with indigo to create the blue tones
- Block printed by hand one imprint at a time in Gardiner, Maine

- For you or for your pup!

- Each bandana has been printed with it's own unique color and design combination. There is only one like this one! No two are exactly the same.

- I am a human and I dyed and printed these by hand with love which means there may be some variations in texture, saturation, etc - making this item extra unique and personal.

- 100% Organic Cotton

- 22x22"
- The ink is safe to wash but the natural dye is more delicate, only wash when necessary. 

- Hand wash, line dry - use iron on opposite side to smooth out afterward if desired.

- Slight fading with use over time is to be expected.

- Please note that bandanas are not the most effective as face masks.

- To learn more about my process follow me on instagram @allison.mckeen or on patreon patreon.com/AllisonMcKeen

Bandana - Olive arches - Block printed/indigo dyed

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