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This would be considered an adult medium, it has a boxy fit

Height from shoulder to bottom hem: 23"

Width from armpit to armpit: 23"

Sleeve length: 20"

- Because this item is hand printed on a second hand garment it is completely one of a kind, there isn't another one exactly like it!

- I am a human and I printed these by hand with love which means there may be some variations in texture, saturation, etc - making this item extra unique and personal.
- Washer/dryer safe. Turn inside out to perserve the ink. 

- Slight fading with wear over time is to be expected.

- To learn more about my process follow me on instagram @allison.mckeen or on patreon

(M) sand/blue happy/sad hoodie - block printed/thrifted

Out of Stock

    Returns, exchanges, and refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

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