Hello! I'm Allison

I am a self-taught interdisciplinary artist currently focusing on printmaking and illustration.

My work is an exploratory adventure of shape, color and pattern - all mixed in with a bit of humor and nostalgia. From time to time I like to meander into other media as well (such as painting, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, and more.)


My creative philosophy is based on a few ideas:

  • Playfulness and child-like wonder should be embraced at every age

  • Inspiration can be found in small moments

  • We can create meaning, comfort, and wonder in our own personal environments through the physical objects we choose to surround ourselves with

I am currently living and working in Gardiner, Maine

Photo by Chelsea Ellis

I'm on Patreon!

I joined patreon to support myself as a full-time artist. I also joined because I wanted to connect in a more personal/meaningful way about making art and being alive.

By joining my patreon you are supporting the life of an independent artist by helping pay for important stuff like art supplies, shipping supplies, coffee, food, the roof over my head, etc. In return you get loads of special stuff (see tiers for details) PLUS whenever I do have extra cash my favorite thing to do is to support other independent artists! Your support goes a long way and is so appreciated.

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